International Tyrolean

The Four Heroes

49 Koasalauf Races – 49 Starts

The four men who have competed in every single Tiroler Koasalauf race since its first year in 1973 are truly heroic athletes. Neither bad weather nor illness or other obligations have kept them from participating in the Koasalauf, and after all those years these men are still excited about competing in the event. The organizing committee of the Int’l Tiroler Koasalauf would like to thank these four athletes and all other racers for participating!

Die 4 Legenden vom Koasalauf

Franz PUCKL sen. from Going (AUT), born 1935.
"For me as a citizen racer, the Koasalauf is the greatest event there is, and I will continue to compete in it as long as I'm capable to do so!"

Werner PATZ from Kainach (AUT), born 1941.
"The Koasaluf is a unique event and I'm always looking forward to spending some time there".

Hans RICHTER from Kirchweidach (GER), born 1941.
"The Tiroler Koasalauf? I found out about it by chance but then it brought out my competitive side and became a passion."

Franz STEINKOGLER from Ebensee (AUT), born 1949. (✟ passed away in November 2023)
"Compete once and you will look forward to this race every year. I will keep racing in the Koasalauf as long as my legs will carry me."