International Tyrolean

12. - 13. February 2022

12. - 13. February 2022

Raiffeisen Mini Koasalauf

On Saturday children and school age participants make a grand entrance at the Koasalauf. The starting signal for the Mini Koasalauf will be at 2.00 p.m. Over a route spanning two to four kilometres, the next generation will be able to show what they are made of.

Every participant will receive a starting pack when they are given their start number, and this will contain little surprise gifts. Depending on their year of birth, the categories available are: Children 1 & 2 male and female; and School participants 1 & 2 male and female. Every participant will get a finisher’s medal upon completion and in the Koasalauf tent there will be pasta and Koasaschmarrn for all our little participants.

At the legendary prize ceremony at 3.45 p.m., the 10 top placers in each class will receive a trophy. The best in class will receive a Koasalauf victory garland and will get to sit on the ‚
'imperial throne'.

Every child will take part in the big tombola. There are superb prizes to be won, including 8 pairs of cross-country racing skis by Fischer, 5 pairs of Julbo goggles, and many other attractive sports prizes from Intersport Patrick.

Team classification
A team consists of 4 starters. A team is to be made up of two participants in the child category and 2 from the school age category. Team registration is complete upon successful registration of each participant and the start numbers are issued on site via a specific registration form.

  • Ages: 8-15
  • Route: 2-4 km
  • Numbers issued: from 8.00 a.m.
  • Start time: 2.00 p.m.
  • Start fee: 10.00 € Advance registration
  • Timing: Pentek Timing


group gender distance time age
school children II male 4 km start: 3.10 pm 2007 – 2008
school children II female 4 km start: 3.00 pm 2007 – 2008
school children I male 4 km start: 2.50 pm 2009 - 2010
school children I female 4 km start: 2.40 pm 2009 - 2010
children II male 2 km start: 2.30 pm 2011 - 2012
children II female 2 km start: 2.20 pm 2011 - 2012
children I male 2 km start: 2.10 pm 2013 - 2014
children I female 2 km start: 2.00 pm 2013 - 2014