International Tyrolean

12. - 13. February 2022

12. - 13. February 2022

Koasalauf App Run

8 January to 11 February 2022


The International Tirolean Koasalauf will take place as an “App Run” for the first time this winter 2020/21. Anyone can take part, no matter if hobby or pro athlete, the App Run is free. The Koasalauf App Run will take place from 8 January to 11 February 2022 on the Hinterkaiser-Höflinger-Trail in St. Johann in Tirol. The start and finish area is located in the Koasastation.

The cross-country route with 15 kilometres can be skied either once or twice, and is optimally suited for skaters. Thanks to the technical support by the Strava-App, participants can take part in the ranking and communicate with other athletes. The route features four different segments. All participants will be entered in a draw for great non-cash prizes. The Koasalauf App Run is part of the Euroloppet series.

The App-Run belongs with both tracks (15, 30 km) to the Euroloppet series. In order to use the advantages of the Euroloppet passport and to get into the Euroloppet ranking, we ask you to send the passport number to info@koasalauf.at.

The route

Koasalauf App Run route

The four segments

App Download & Information

Koasalauf App Run


Instructions for the Strava App

Strava is a platform in which athletes can manage, evaluate and plan their sessions. But the app also puts communication between athletes in focus. The Strava-App provides reliable recording of the route, time, distance and speed. Using GPS-activities, smaller sections can be divided into segments. The time of the respective segments is recorded automatically. Thus the own segment times can be analysed, but also compared with those of other participants.

  • 1. Download the app
  • 2. Log in
  • 3. Choose between free and paid version
  • 4. Discover - choose challenges
  • 5. Select Koasalauf App Run
  • 6. Select high GPS function
  • 7. Start skiing
  • 8. Compete with other participants
  • 9. After crossing the finish line, select if the result shall be visible to everyone